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Digital Breakthrough in the Construction and Engineering Field

on the 28th August 2019, Guest-of-Honour Dr Vivian Balakrishnan Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, graced the opening ceremony for the fourth biennial conference of the World Engineers Summit (WES) 2019, concentrated on Engineering Future Cities - with its discussions to champion urban development harnessing and managing modern day technologies to improve quality of life.

The World Engineers Summit 2019 held from the 28th August 2019 to the 30th August 2019, has been the global focal point for the dynamic exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience and expertise to address challenges arising from climate change and to drive sustainable urban development. Experts presented a great diversity of quality technical presentations to fully capture the latest challenges, insights and solutions in engineering cities. The assembly of more than 800 engineers, scientists, researches, specialists, academics, financiers, manufacturers, policy makers, researches and business leaders from various disciplines, joined the dialogue on improving the quality of life through effective use and management of technologies.

New technologies are transforming all stages of the engineering and construction process, the ability to use and manage technologies is pivotal in tacking pressing challenges arising from the AEC industry. Especially in recent years, the global engineering and construction sector stands at the brink of exciting change, ripe for major digital disruption and with the opportunity to embrace new technologies that will transform productivity levels, modernize project delivery and bring the industry to a new level.


During Dr Vivian’s tour around the exhibition floor, Glodon Singapore Managing Director, Mr. Andy Zhang, had the humbling opportunity to exchange conversational greetings as well as to showcase Glodon’s developed and newly released Engineering and Construction Digital Tool - CAD Reader. Mr. Zhang also took the opportunity to shed light on the company’s growth journey in the local market steadfast by its mission and goals; focused on leveraging digital technology and contributing to the engineering industry through its constant growing developments in its solutions and services. Before proceeding on with other event agendas, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan expressed his acknowledgment and appreciation to our constant efforts in supporting the local industry through advanced digital technologies and is glad to hear that many local construction companies have already embarked and embrace the transformation with the advanced digital solutions provided by Glodon Company.


Glodon Singapore Technical Engineer, Mr. Edgar Chan, presented his paper on the ‘Benefits of CAD Reader for Engineers’ and was invited to join the panel discussion on embracing innovation and technological advances under the track category of Smart Infrastructure chaired by Dr Ong Eng Hong. Edgar spoke on Glodon’s new released digital tool - CAD Reader; which allows professionals to use their smartphones to read, measure, search and print CAD drawings – keeping it simple, easy to use functionalities, and light in file space. He added, “The advanced digital solution allowed us to explore the opportunities on increasing efficiency in our everyday work through utilizing digital tools and adopting solutions to get an edge among competitors.”

Through WES 2019, Glodon team had the opportunities and interactions with the industry professions to share Glodon’s digital technologies and new innovations and to bring forth Glodon’s value proposition on digital technology for the construction and engineering field.


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