Will Malaysia Rise as the Next Smart Nation?

Glodon Co. Ltd. Cubicost 7月23日


Under Secretary of Policy and International Division Azman bin Ibrahim

With the steady implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy, the construction industry has ushered in a new development opportunity. Under the policy dividends, the construction industry is able to seize the opportunity and rationalize the industrial distribution to win a better time for development.

At the 2018 China AEC Industry Summit held in Xi'an on June 29, Azman bin Ibrahim, Under Secretary of Policy and International Division, Ministry of Works, Malaysia, said in an interview with the City Construction Channel of, that Malaysia is designing a blueprint called “Smart City.”

He compared the city to the human body vividly, "Like the muscles, the buildings serve as the basic strutting units of the city; like the lungs, the urban parks purify the city; like the blood vessels, the roads transport the city nutrients in all directions; and like the five senses, the urban sensors use high-tech means to achieve information collection and feedback."

At the same time, Malaysia is also planning the Smart Transportation system to use big data to improve the convenience and efficiency of transportation system and traffic system. For example, a payment system can be built in a bus. Through the system, you can know the current capacity of the bus, and use the data to complete a better scheduling. On an APP, you can tell passengers, from A to B, which route is the smoothest, and which route is the most crowded. By these sort of data transferring, the ultimate improvement of efficiency can be realized.

  6月29日在西安召开的2018中国建设行业年度峰会上,马来西亚公共工程部政策与国际部门部门秘书Azman bin Ibrahim接受国际在线城建频道专访时表示,马来西亚正在设计一个名为“智慧城市”的蓝本,他形象地把城市比作人体,肌肉作为大楼的基础单位支撑;肺就像城市公园,起到净化城市的作用;血管就像道路,让城市养分四通八达;五官就像城市接收器,运用高科技手段实现信息的收集与反馈。
  基于本届峰会多方专家提出的各种观点,Azman bin Ibrahim对新加坡提出的智慧国家概念很感兴趣。他认为,科技的发展应当从小到大,先有智慧的楼房,再有智慧的区域,再有智慧的城市,最后实现智慧的国家。他同时表示,希望在下次展会时,会接收到更多关于智慧国家的内容。

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