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Advance Your Quantification and Cost Estimation Process to Win More Projects

GO DIGITAL : Digital technology has become core to how teams operate. The top construction firms spend a lot of time benchmarking and adjusting their workflows, moving away from traditional towards digital as they believe that technology leads to more successful outcomes, and adopting technology gives their company a competitive edge.

Cubicost 5D BIMCubicost 5D BIM Cost Management Solution

BIM-based cost estimating is yet another aspect of the building process that can benefit from
computable building information.
Traditionally, quantity take-off and cost estimations have been performed and developed with 2D drawings or with the current introductory trend for IFC or .Rvt files shared among stakeholders in the initial stages of BIM Designed Projects, Quantity Surveyors and Cost Professionals will be required to perform quantification in line with the standard measurement rules of Singapore (SMM2).

In the process of QTO work in Cubicost, the translation of 2D information to Cubicost 3D Cost model is done in through the intelligence and automatic foundation that is inbuilt in Cubicost Platform. Allowing Quantity Surveyors and Cost Professionals to evaluate, perform calculations and visualize their identified elements in a 3D elevated Cost Model. If you are working on a BIM design model, information in its parameters indicated in a Revit model would allow the direct transfusion into Cubicost Platform that encompasses the embedded measurement rules from a QS perspective that assist the QS to seamlessly calculate the quantity in a precise and accurate desired outcome. To achieve better collaboration and work efficiency among different teams under the same project, information and data will be shared among downstream and upstream in an interconnected environment, throughout the project life cycle.

tas overview

This year, we introduce a series of improvements and new features designed to make working with Cubicost 5D BIM Cost Management Solution faster, easier and more intelligent.

As new generation of collaboration software for cost estimation, TBQ C-II ( BIM-based Bill of Quantities) can help you compile, accumulate, analyze data and reuse historical data, cost estimation and completion settlement during various stages of a construction project.

TBQ C-II by taking the requirements of different user groups into consideration, it can identify the Excel files of your old projects so that consulting companies will compile tender documents rapidly, generate tender documents with various formats according to the needs of our users, address addenda quickly, evaluate tender, and help contractors identify tender documents in the PDF format intelligently, create build up quotations and fill their quotations back to the original tender documents.

By taking advantage of comprehensive management platform, collaboration work mode and leading information technology, TBQ C-II helps to manage construction projects conveniently, accumulate their enterprise big data and analyze quickly and intelligently.


Cubicost TBQ C-II ( BIM-based Bill of Quantities)

Cubicost TBQ C-II (BIM-based Bill of Quantities) new feature highlights:

Identify PDF

Transform tender documents from PDF format to editable electronic format automatically in TBQ C-II. To identify the whole document quickly, accurately and intelligently with its professional identification modules and OCR-integrated algorithms, TBQ C-II can convert all these text in the PDF file and set the calculation relations for every item. 



Link Quantity Overview

Through conventional practice, the quantity that inserted into the excel file normally is quite difficult to be traced and adjust due to the massive formula in the excel. By looking at the quantity in TBQ C-II, you can very easy to trace back how does the numbers on this bill item has been quantified. In addition, if there is any changes or modifications have been made in the TAS C-II cost model, the quantity that has been linked into BQ will update automatically as well.



Build-up Rate

The new [Build-up Unit Rates] module is specially designed to manage all your unit rate data. The functions are designed nicely according to the sequence of pricing work, starts from new creation, importing feature, data editing and analysis report up to exportation function.

Moreover, the data area shows all rates data which allowed you to check and edit their composition with intuitive design. [Build Up] & [Build Up Analysis] help to distinguish the data that have been adopted in the current project.




Adopt Rates in BQ

TBQ C-II can adopt the price in BQ easily with auto-checking functionality, create corporate cost database through the project accumulation in the system which could form your own data database in your team or organization.

Adopt-rates- gif


Compare Version

In the conventional way, you may need to save a copy of the original excel file for each version before put it into the price mark-up. In TBQ C-II, you just need to save and name the version in the system for easy comparison. 




Upon receiving the tender document from an addendum, QS has to convert it into editable format which is usually excel. Followed by identify the changes and reuse the pricing Information for the addendum BQ. With these inevitable works, QS have to address or handle addenda manually.

TBQ C-II can update the quantity and price from the original tender document into the addendum pages automatically.




Highlights for Contractors Overview

09 TBQC-ll New feature poster-contract


Highlights for Consultants Overview

08 TBQC-ll New feature poster-consultant



To understand more about Cubicost TBQ C-II New Features and how can you benefit from the advanced solution to accelerate your efforts towards digital transformation, catch this video.


Advance your quantification and cost estimation process with Cubicost 5D BIM Cost Management Solution, we are committed to support our industry partners by providing them with constant software upgrading, a wide range of certified trainings and tailored project guidance by our experienced expert engineers and service consults.

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