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Pushing Boundaries: CR101 - Design & Construction 5D BIM Journey

In the dynamic world of construction, each project comes with its own unique challenges that require creative solutions. The CR101 project, led by China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited (Singapore Branch), embarked on an exciting journey of achievements and obstacles. This venture involved multiple floors and a significant floor area, making it an exciting endeavour. Discover how their collaboration with Cubicost TAS (Take-off for Architectural and Structural) played a pivotal role in their accomplishments.

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Navigating Project Challenges

China Jingye embarked on an ambitious journey to construct the Changi East Depot (RS Workshop), but it encountered significant challenges during the design and build phase. The project faced obstacles due to a lack of detailed information, misalignment of the Revit model for 5D BIM implementation, and the need to expedite work to avoid potential subcontract award delays. Additionally, extensive data sorting consumed valuable time, further complicating the project.


Key Feature Highlights

The integration of Cubicost solutions brought forth impressive advantages for China Jingye Engineering:

TAS Logo 2-1 3D Measurement: Embrace better visualisation of calculated elements for enhanced accuracy and understanding.

TAS Logo 2-1 Segmentation: Effortlessly segregate quantities based on specific requirements for seamless management and tracking.

TAS Logo 2-1 View Quantity by Category: Organise quantities in an easily comprehensible manner for efficient analysis and reporting.

Benefits Gained

1. Accelerated Achievements
Cubicost TAS proved instrumental in propelling CR101's accomplishments, delivering impressive results within notably shorter timeframes.

2. Enhanced Quality Understanding
The implementation of the 3D Measure feature elevated quantity visualisation and traceability, resulting in more efficient workflows.
3. Error Prevention
The ‘View Quantity by Category’ feature played a crucial role in averting typographical errors, boosting both operational efficiency and dependability.
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5D BIM Implementation Journey

Journeying with Cubicost proved to be an unforgettable experience, as exceptional support extended beyond regular weekdays. The prompt guidance and unwavering assistance offered by Cubicost's team, even during weekends, exemplified their commitment to customer success.

The Cubicost’s Helpline also played a pivotal role in simplifying software adoption. Its accessibility provided immediate solutions and guidance, making the transition to Cubicost Solutions seamless and efficient.

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Customer's Testimonial

Raymond Ooi, the Quantity Surveyor from China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited (Singapore Branch), enthused, "Overall, the software service exceeded my expectations and significantly improved my workflow. Cubicost's unwavering support and assistance during critical times were commendable and highly appreciated." 

This success story shines a spotlight on the triumphant journey of CR101 - Design and Construction of Changi East Depot (RS Workshop). With Cubicost TAS as their ally, China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited (Singapore Branch) conquered challenges and celebrated success. This remarkable collaboration embodies the spirit of innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the world of construction.

They have established new standards in the construction industry by using Glodon Cubicost 5D BIM solutions. By embracing advanced technology and utilizing Cubicost's solutions, they have not only overcome obstacles but also redefined how design and construction excellence can be achieved.


About China Jingye Engineering (MCC Group)

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China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited (Singapore Branch), a subsidiary of China Metallurgical Construction Group Corporation (MCC Group), is a leading contractor with Grade A qualifications in various construction fields. Known for their excellence and expertise, they have successfully completed numerous projects in China and abroad. MCC Group, a Fortune Global 500 company, has a strong reputation for driving growth in China's steel industry and executing major national projects.



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