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Mastering 5D BIM Efficiency: PT Takenaka's Journey with Glodon Cubicost Solutions

In the fast-paced world of construction, where precision and time management are crucial, staying ahead of the game requires innovation. PT Takenaka, a reputable main contractor, understands the significance of modernising their quantity estimation and take-off processes. They have undergone a remarkable transformation by embracing innovation and revolutionising the construction landscape. Their unwavering dedication to excellence led them to adopt Cubicost Solutions, resulting in a transformative journey that has elevated their project outcomes and reshaped their operations.

With the use of Cubicost 5D BIM Solutions, PT Takenaka has undertaken the construction of a state-of-the-art shopping mall in Eastern Jakarta. The project spans three floors and covers an area of 153,000 square meters, presenting numerous challenges and opportunities that have redefined their approach to preplanning. 

Join us as we explore how Cubicost Solutions have revolutionised PT Takenaka's operations and elevated their project outcomes to new heights of excellence.

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The Challenges: Navigating Complexity with Precision

The ambitious undertaking, "Shopping Mall in Eastern Jakarta," spanning three sprawling floors and encompassing approximately 153,000 square meters, presented PT Takenaka with intricate challenges. The sheer scale of the project, coupled with the diverse room sizes and finishes, introduced complexities that required a sophisticated solution. Frequent drawing revisions further emphasised the need for a streamlined approach to quantity calculations. 

As the project unfolded, PT Takenaka faced substantial hurdles that resonated within our industry. Traditional methods of manual calculations, involving meticulous measurements translated into MS Excel spreadsheets, resulted in a frustrating loss of time. Additionally, the ever-evolving nature of architectural drawings meant that constant revisions were an ongoing battle, further complicating the calculation process.

Empowering Precision through Cubicost Solutions

PT Takenaka's journey toward operational efficiency gained significant traction with the integration of Cubicost's TAS, TRB, and TBQ modules. These solutions acted as potent instruments in addressing their intricate challenges head-on.

Revolutionising Pre-construction with Cubicost 5D BIM

Determined to surmount these industry-specific challenges, PT Takenaka embraced the innovative arsenal offered by Cubicost. By harnessing the power of TAS (Takeoff), TRB (Rebar), and TBQ (Bill of Quantities), they embarked on a journey to revolutionise their approach, ushering in a new era of construction efficiency.

Favourite Features and Benefits:

Integrating Cubicost's toolkit introduced a spectrum of benefits that resonated deeply within our construction circle: 

TAS Logo 2 Revision Comparison: The ability to scrutinise quantities before and after revisions streamlined the review process, ensuring accuracy even amidst changes. 

TAS Logo 2 Reverse Check: The capability to trace quantities back to the model enabled swift error identification and rectification. 
TAS Logo 2 Drawing Comparison: Simplifying the detection of drawing changes facilitated prompt adjustments, ensuring precision in calculations.
trb logo Element Rebar Schedule: This feature, presented in a concise table format, empowered detailed rebar input and simplified editing, saving time and enhancing accuracy.
TBQ Logo 2-1 Quantity Details: This feature offered comprehensive information about specific quantities, delivering deeper insights and accuracy.
TBQ Logo 2-1 Link Quantity from TAS/TRB: Correlating quantities with the 3D model eradicated the potential for human errors during quantity linking, ensuring data accuracy. 

Navigating with Customer Success: Seamless Implementation

Amid this journey, the unsung hero is Cubicost's Customer Success team. Their role embodies industry support, providing video tutorials and swift responses to address challenges during implementation. Customised training sessions, tailored to PT Takenaka's unique requirements, epitomised their commitment to our construction dialect.

Gained Advantages
  • Enhanced Speed: Cubicost's features expedited calculations, boosting time efficiency.

  • Streamlined Collaboration: The capability to trace quantities and pricing back to the 3D model streamlined teamwork across departments.

  • Precise Quantity Correlation: TBQ's Link Quantity feature minimised linking errors, ensuring data consistency.
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Client Testimony: Amplifying Efficiency

Fendy Kristanto and Hanita Nurilina Dini, Estimate at PT Takenaka, lauded Glodon's Customer Success Team for their prompt responses, practical solutions, and comprehensive video tutorials. The tailored training sessions played a pivotal role in enhancing PT Takenaka's capabilities and efficiency.

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Pioneering Excellence: Forging Ahead with 5D BIM

As PT Takenaka continues to redefine construction excellence, their collaboration with Glodon Cubicost serves as an ode to the fusion of technology and construction wisdom. The metamorphosis from traditional methods to digital efficiency echoes the potential of technology in our industry's narrative.


About PT Takenaka


PT Takenaka, with its deep-rooted history dating back to 1610, is renowned in the construction industry for its legacy of excellence and innovation. The company's unwavering commitment to the craft has propelled them to embrace a master builder spirit, embodying the essence of the "master builder" concept. 

Utilizing an Integrated Design-Build System, PT Takenaka seamlessly merges design and construction to create exceptional structures that reflect their rich heritage and passion for construction excellence. From pioneering projects to timeless creations, PT Takenaka has established itself as a beacon of trust and reliability in the industry. 



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