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Westpac's Cubicost 5D BIM Journey: Boosting Construction Efficiency

In the realm of engineering and construction, precision, efficiency, and effective project management stand as pillars of success. Westpac Engineering Sdn. Bhd., a renowned engineering company in Malaysia, embarked on a journey to optimise its operations and overcome challenges in the dynamic construction landscape. Their unwavering commitment to excellence led them to embrace Cubicost Solutions, embarking on a transformative journey that streamlined their processes and elevated their project outcomes.

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Navigating Project Challenges 

Undertaking a 12-storey development with intricate specifications, Westpac Engineering encountered a series of challenges. Tight timelines were a pressing concern, with the need to meet project milestones while ensuring top-notch quality work. Further intensifying the challenge was the constraint of limited manpower, necessitating innovative solutions to maintain project momentum.


Revolutionising Workflow with Cubicost Solutions

Westpac Engineering's pursuit of enhanced efficiency found an ideal partner in Cubicost Solutions, particularly Cubicost TME (Take-off for M&E). The software's standout features, such as the automatic identification of enumerated quantities like lighting points and socket outlets, as well as the capability to generate fittings automatically, seamlessly aligned with Westpac's specific needs.

Key Feature Highlights

The integration of Cubicost solutions brought forth impressive advantages for Westpac Engineering:

TMEC logo Auto Identification: This feature automatically detects lighting points in the project, speeding up quantity take-offs and reducing the chances of errors.

TMEC logo Automatically Generate Fittings: This feature streamlines fitting generation by automating the process based on predefined parameters, ensuring accuracy and consistency. It saves time and reduces human error, enhancing quantity calculations.

Benefits Gained

1. Multi-Tender Capability
With Cubicost's efficiency, Westpac Engineering could handle multiple tenders concurrently, a vital advantage in a competitive industry.

2. Enhanced Cost Control
The software provided a heightened level of accuracy, ensuring precise cost management and minimising discrepancies.
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Guidance Through Implementation

Westpac Engineering's implementation journey was facilitated by Glodon's Customer Success Team. Their post-sales support ensured a comprehensive understanding of the software's capabilities, from training to actual implementation.

The client testimonies echoed Westpac Engineering's success. Glodon's swift responses and effective query resolutions affirmed the reliability of their customer service.

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With decades of experience, Westpac Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is an esteemed player in the engineering landscape. Their expertise spans various engineering domains, encompassing civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. From conception to execution and maintenance, Westpac Engineering maintains a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions tailored to each project's unique demands.

A Journey of Transformation
Through the integration of Cubicost Solutions, Westpac Engineering redefined its approach. Challenges turned into opportunities for growth, and precision became their hallmark. With a commitment to delivering excellence, Westpac Engineering remains at the forefront of engineering innovation, ready to conquer new horizons.


About Westpac Engineering Sdn Bhd

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Westpac Engineering Sdn Bhd, located in Malaysia, stands as a distinguished engineering company renowned for its comprehensive solutions across diverse projects. Boasting a seasoned team of engineers and project managers, Westpac Engineering is dedicated to providing top-notch services tailored to clients' precise requirements. Their proficiency spans multiple engineering domains, enabling them to undertake endeavours in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. From conceptualisation and design to construction and upkeep, Westpac Engineering boasts a remarkable history of delivering projects to the utmost standards of excellence.



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