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Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy - YCP Pte Ltd's 5D BIM Journey with Cubicost Solutions

In the rapidly evolving realm of construction, precision, efficiency, and adaptability reign supreme. YCP PTE LTD, a distinguished M&E sub-contractor, recognised the imperative to transform their approach to quantity estimation and take-off procedures. Their unwavering commitment to excellence led them to embrace Cubicost Solutions, marking a journey of transformation that redefined their operations and elevated their project outcomes.

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Navigating Challenges with Precision

The NUS Hostel project, spanning nine floors and a floor area of 2,320 square meters, posed multifaceted challenges for YCP. Traditional quantity extraction methods proved to be time-consuming and lacked the precision required for such intricate projects. The software they were using struggled to keep up with the complexities of multiple-storey constructions, impacting the team's efficiency. 

3D modeling and quantity takeoff with Cubicost TME

Cubicost TME: Turning Challenges into Triumphs

YCP's journey of transformation was fuelled by the adoption of Cubicost TME (Take-off for M&E). This revolutionary software became the catalyst for change, unlocking a realm of possibilities that addressed their challenges head-on. 


Key Feature Highlights

The implementation of Cubicost solutions yielded remarkable benefits for YCP:

TMEC logo Custom Region: The Custom Region feature enabled YCP to categorise quantities based on specific construction phases and zones, bringing meticulous organisation to their estimation process.

TMEC logo Vertical Piping (Riser): The Vertical Piping feature dramatically improved accuracy by minimising the chances of missing vertical pipings that are often challenging to decipher from 2D drawings.

TMEC logo Reversely-Check: With the Reversely-Check function, quantities could be effortlessly traced back to the 3D model, ensuring precision and eliminating errors.
TMEC logo Auto Generate Connector: Automation through the Auto Generate Connector feature streamlined the workflow, saving valuable time and resources.

Overcoming Challenges with Glodon's Support

The implementation journey was not without its learning curve. However, YCP found steadfast support in the form of Sylvester, a Customer Success Consultant in Singapore. Sylvester's guidance and mentorship proved invaluable in helping YCP navigate the complexities of the software and harness its full potential.

Benefits of Glodon Cubicost-1


1. Efficient Quantity Take-Off
Cubicost Solutions enable quicker and more efficient quantity take-offs, reducing the time required for estimation.

2. Enhanced Quantity Accuracy
By utilising Cubicost Solutions, there is a significant increase in the accuracy of quantity estimations, minimising errors and discrepancies.

3. Streamlined Quantity Categorisation
The software allows easy categorisation of quantities based on diverse requirements such as construction phases, zones, and more, enhancing organisation and clarity.

Cubicost's exceptional support and follow-ups have made the implementation process smooth and effortless.

By embracing Cubicost TME, YCP has unlocked unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability in their quantity estimation processes. This transformative journey has positioned YCP at the forefront of innovation within the construction industry, showcasing its commitment to excellence and its drive to deliver exceptional results.


About YCP Pte Ltd, Singapore

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YCP PTE LTD is a dynamic M&E sub-contractor specialising in innovative plumbing, sanitary, and gas pipe system solutions for diverse building projects. With a commitment to excellence, we seamlessly integrate advanced M&E systems, delivering precision, efficiency, and optimal outcomes. Our client-centric approach and dedication to staying ahead of industry trends make us a reliable partner in shaping the future of the construction landscape.



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