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The Indonesian BIM Competition Winner Announcement

The result of the nation largest BIM competition has been unleashed, are you on the list?


Glodon - Glodon Indonesia


With more than 200 attendees, the Glodon Indonesia 3rd BIM Competition was held in Universitas Budi Luhur and Universitas Bina Nusantara at October 2019. With attendees from construction stakeholders (developers, contractors and consultants) and also University students, the BIM Competition were full of positive response from the Glodon Indonesia clients who were eager to learn and practice the Cubicost solution for BIM Cost Management.

The BIM Competition itself are divided into two major categories, the user and non-users. With more than 20 companies join the event, the competition has been a tough one to decide, and after careful examination, the result is finally here:

User :

1. Alvi - CSCEC

2. Nurul - PP Kontraktor

3. Liza- PP Properti


Non-User :

1. Jason - Jagat Konstruksi

2. Iqbal - Reynolds Partnership

3. Della - Arcadis

We congratulate our users for the result, and see you at awarding ceremony that will be held together with 'Digital Construction Revolution of BIM Cost Management' that will be held at Balai Kartini, Jakarta Selatan at January 23rd, 2019.


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