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Transforming Construction Efficiency with 68 Systems & Project Engineering

68 Systems & Project Engineering embarked on a challenging project - a multi-storey stadium and facility building with complex design layouts spanning eight floors. The project faced tight submission deadlines and the need to handle multiple tender corrigendum drawings efficiently. 

Within the company, traditional methods for quantity take-off (QTO) persisted, causing delays and inefficiencies. The lack of digital tools for collaboration and tracking further compounded these issues.

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Key Feature Highlights

68 Systems found a solution in Cubicost's TMEC. Key features included:

Asset 1TME Updated Legend Identification: Streamlined QTO by identifying legends with visualisation aids.

Asset 1TME Updated Custom Region: Facilitated precise region-based quantity separation, particularly useful for complex systems like LAN network distribution.


Benefits Gained

The adoption of Cubicost solutions brought forth significant benefits:

  1. Efficient Quantity Take-Off (QTO) Process
    Accelerated the QTO process with immediate quantity tabulation after legend identification. 

  2. Time-Saving and Error Reduction:
    Enabled efficient planning for systems like Cable Support and LAN Networks Distribution, saving time and reducing errors.
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Implementation Journey with Glodon’s Guidance 

68 Systems started implementing Cubicost's TME in late 2019. The Glodon team provided comprehensive support, including a perfect TME demonstration and on-site guidance for their first tender project using TME Software.

The success of Cubicost's solutions adoption was facilitated by:

  • Responsive Customer Service: Fast response to issue resolution.
  • Project Guidance and Basic Training: Step-by-step guidance that ensured users quickly mastered the software.

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Customer Testimonial

The Glodon Customer Success team's responsiveness and assistance received high praise, with users reporting that it greatly helped them understand and master the software.

Cubicost's TMEC has transformed 68 Systems' approach to quantity take-off, enabling more efficient and precise project planning. The partnership between 68 Systems and Cubicost exemplifies how innovation can enhance construction efficiency, even for well-established companies.


About 68 Systems & Project Engineering Pte Ltd

logo-68 sys Established in 1983, 68 Systems is a reputable Singapore-based company specialising in M&E installation works. Their expertise spans Communications & Networking Control System Installation, Signalling System Installation, and Electrical System Installation (HV & LV). In March 2022, the company was acquired by Exeo Global, strengthening its capabilities and industry reach.



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