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Perunding Kos Bersatu Sdn Bhd’s Transformation with Cubicost Solutions

In the heart of Penang, a remarkable project emerged, challenging the norms of construction with its irregular and unique shape, spanning 36 floors and 40,000m². This ambitious venture, undertaken by Perunding Kos Bersatu Sdn Bhd, was marked by distinctive enterprise-level challenges.

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Addressing Pain Points with Cubicost

Perunding Kos Bersatu (PKB) discovered that Cubicost Solutions provided an effective solution to various challenges within their organisation. Firstly, the software streamlined their operations, saving valuable time compared to traditional methods, including the time-consuming formatting tasks typically done in Microsoft Excel. Cubicost's user-friendly interface outperformed its competitors, enhancing the overall user experience.

Secondly, the E-tender process within Cubicost was a game-changer for PKB. It not only automated the tedious task of checking arithmetical errors in tender submissions but also significantly reduced the time needed for this process. These combined benefits allowed PKB to work more efficiently and effectively in their construction projects.

Key Feature Highlights

Cubicost's user-friendly approach made BQ preparation faster and more straightforward, maintaining consistent formatting. PKB highlighted the following features as most valuable:

TBQ Logo 2-1 E-tender Process: Streamlines the tendering process, reduces errors, and saves valuable time by automating arithmetical error checks in tender submissions while ensuring confidentiality.

TBQ Logo 2-1 Build-up Rates with Rate Codes: Simplify cost estimation by associating specific items with rate codes.

PKB: This played a crucial role in achieving success. This feature allowed for efficient pricing revisions and ensured that adjustments automatically applied to specific items.

While considering their options, PKB had previously used B***l**k and Excel. However, Cubicost Solutions emerged as their preferred choice due to its flexibility, ease of use, and superior performance in addressing their specific needs. The more complicated user interface and lagging performance of other solutions, such as B***l**k, led them to opt for Cubicost. In the case of Excel, the formatting issue was a concern as the scale might vary when using different devices.


Benefits Gained

1. Obtain Precise Quantities Efficiently
Cubicost Solutions streamlined the process of obtaining precise quantities without excessive time investment.

2. Timesaving on Administrative Tasks
Cubicost Solutions streamlined time-consuming administrative tasks, such as error-checking, BQ (Bill of Quantities) format adjustments, and maintaining confidentiality during the tender process.
3. Improving Collaboration and Communication
Cubicost improved collaboration and communication within the team and with external stakeholders through its features that enable importing from Excel, PDF, and other projects stored in the TBQ server.
4. Error Reduction
The platform helped reduce human errors by identifying missing items and quantities during project publication.
Glodon Cubicost 5dbim Customer Success Story-Benefits Gained

Implementation Journey with Glodon's Support

The journey with Cubicost Solutions was guided by the dedicated Customer Success Team, providing product introduction, training, and a platform for addressing questions and concerns within the e-Glodon community. Customised training, guidance, and technical support played a pivotal role in easing the adoption of Cubicost Solutions.


Customer Testimony

Glodon Cubicost Customer Success Story-PKB Testimony

Mak Zhi Qin, Senior Project Executive at PKB, praised the Glodon Customer Success Team for their responsiveness and accommodating nature. They provided step-by-step guidance, enabling the company to understand and master the software's usage.


Unlocking Digital Construction with Cubicost Solutions
PKB's transformation exemplifies the power of Cubicost Solutions in the construction industry. Challenges became opportunities, and traditional methods evolved into modern, efficient practices. With newfound capabilities, the company is equipped to tackle future projects with precision and confidence.


About Perunding Kos Bersatu Sdn Bhd

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Perunding Kos Bersatu Sdn Bhd, established in May 2010, is a dedicated consultancy firm providing comprehensive quantity surveying services. With a commitment to excellence, they have taken on projects that challenge norms and highlight their expertise.



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