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DH Land's 5D BIM Success Story with Cubicost TAS, TRB & TBQ

DH Land Sdn Bhd, a renowned property developer, embarked on the challenging Sandville Residence project in Penang, Malaysia. The project presented several unique obstacles. The design remained unfinished, and the company was accustomed to traditional construction methods. Additionally, they faced a tight deadline. As a result, they needed to swiftly grasp new software and explore its many features on the fly.

DH Land-Project details

Challenges Faced

DH Land encountered an array of challenges. They were well-versed in traditional construction methods, and transitioning to new software proved to be a significant challenge. Learning how to use the software while still in the process of learning itself presented a steep learning curve, requiring time and dedication. The software boasted numerous features to explore, adding complexity to the situation. Understanding how to make the software function effectively resembled solving a puzzle. On the project side, the Sandville Residence had an unfinished design, demanding adaptability. They were also under intense time pressure to master the software and expedite the construction process.


Key Feature Highlights

DH Land embraced Cubicost TAS, TRB, and TBQ, finding several features particularly valuable:

TAS Logo 2-1TRB-3-2-2 TAS & TRB Auto-Identify: Streamlined modelling through automatic element identification.

TAS Logo 2-1 TAS Room Function for Finishes: Precise quantity calculations for plaster, skim coat, and paint.

TRB-3-2-2 TRB Beam Layout Function: Enhanced quantity-takeoff process for reinforcement bar.

TRB-3-2-2 TRB Sync Function: Simplified element copying and pasting for rebar calculations.

TRB-3-2-2 TRB Rebar Schedule: Improved rebar lapping understanding for higher project quality.  
TBQ Logo 2-1 TBQ Built-up Unit Rate: Easily update rates with automatic BQ updates.
TBQ Logo 2-1 TBQ Report Layout: Streamlined report generation with BQ standard layouts.
TBQ Logo 2-1 TBQ Auto-Sum: Automatic calculation of amounts when inserting rates and quantities. 

Benefits Gained
Cubicost solutions brought significant benefits:

DH Land-Benefits of 5D BIM
1. Speed Up BQ Preparation
Achieving dramatic time savings with quick quantity calculations.
2. Reduced Manpower
Optimising resource allocation, requiring fewer Quantity Surveyors for smaller projects.
3. Improved Discrepancy Tracking
Easily identifying discrepancies between Architectural and Structural drawings.
4. Accelerated Quantity Take-Off
Swift QTO, saving valuable time.


Implementation Journey with Glodon's Support

Noor Fahimah Binti Muhammad, a Quantity Surveyor, led the way. She began basic training in February 2023 and intermediate training in March 2023. By June 2023, she had already achieved 90% proficiency using TAS. In May 2023, she delved into basic training for TBQ (the consultant version) and accomplished 80% completion of the Bill of Quantities (BOQ).

The Glodon Customer Success (CS) team played a significant role in this success, offering substantial support such as modeling videos and video guidance through Glodon's e-learning platform. They also set up a convenient hotline on WhatsApp for real-time assistance.


Customer Testimony

DH Land-Testimony

Noor Fahimah Binti Muhammad commended the Glodon Customer Success team for their high responsiveness and accommodating nature, contributing to improved project outcomes. DH Land utilised Cubicost TAS, TRB, and TBQ to enhance their operations. This adoption helped them streamline processes, reduce staffing requirements, and enhance the accuracy of their projects. This success story underscores their dedication to innovation in construction.


About DH Land Sdn Bhd

dh land logo

DH Land Sdn Bhd, a distinguished property developer, stands as a beacon of innovation in Malaysia's real estate landscape. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional residential and commercial developments, DH Land is committed to excellence in design, construction, and customer satisfaction. Their projects consistently challenge industry norms, delivering modern, sustainable, and value-driven properties that redefine urban living experiences.



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