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AME Construction's Journey to Enhanced Efficiency with Cubicost 5D BIM

In the ever-changing world of construction, each project comes with its own problems that need creative solutions. AME Construction embarked on the challenging project of i-Park at Senai Airport City, Type Y, encompassing three floors and a total floor area of 12,750 square meters. However, as with many construction endeavours, this project came with its unique set of challenges. 

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One of the primary challenges in this project was the coordination issues between drawings, making it imperative to find a solution for seamless collaboration. Besides, the project's fast-track nature added to the complexity, requiring streamlined processes to meet tight deadlines. AME Construction predominantly relied on traditional construction methods, which posed inefficiency and limited compatibility with modern tools. Hardware incompatibility issues hindered the adoption of advanced software solutions, affecting overall productivity.


Key Feature Highlights

To overcome these challenges, AME Construction leveraged Cubicost solutions, with a focus on TAS and TRB. They found several features to be particularly valuable:

trb logo TRB Rebar Calculation with 3D View: This feature allowed for detailed rebar calculations in a 3D visual format, enhancing precision.

TAS Logo 2-1 IFC Export: The ability to export project data in IFC format opened the doors for better collaboration and compatibility with other BIM models.


Benefits Gained

The adoption of Cubicost solutions brought forth significant benefits:

  1. Speedier Quantity Take-off (QTO) Process
    Cubicost solutions streamlined the QTO process, allowing AME Construction to work more efficiently. 

  2. 3D Visualisation
    With the ability to 3D visualise the project, AME Construction enhanced project understanding and planning.

  3. Seamless Integration
    The software's capability to merge with other BIM models and perform clash detection visually improved overall project coordination.
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Implementation Journey with Glodon’s Guidance 

The implementation journey with Cubicost solutions spanned four months and proved highly effective. The Glodon trainer provided immediate feedback, even recording video tutorials to address any challenges. This accelerated the modelling and QTO processes. 

The adoption of Cubicost solutions was facilitated by the outstanding efforts of the Glodon Customer Success Team. They maintained close communication, ensuring that users received timely assistance.

Customer Success Story-testimonial-ame construction

Customer Testimonial

AME Construction's John Wong Zi Qi praised the Glodon Customer Success Team for their exceptional support. According to John, the team promptly addressed issues, going to the extent of recording tutorial videos to assist with complex situations. Their continuous updates and problem-solving approach prevented delays in issue resolution.


AME Construction's journey towards enhanced efficiency and modernisation showcases the transformative potential of Cubicost solutions in the construction industry. Challenges became opportunities, and traditional methods gave way to innovation and efficiency. AME Construction remains at the forefront of construction excellence, equipped to tackle future projects with confidence and precision.


About AME Construction

AME construction-logo AME Construction Sdn Bhd, established in 1995, stands as a distinguished name in the construction industry, specialising in the construction of purpose-built buildings. With a primary focus on factory and warehouse buildings, AME Construction has consistently delivered innovative and high-quality projects across diverse sectors. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to professionalism, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction, AME Construction proudly holds the role of a Main Contractor in both building and civil engineering. Their impressive track record and dedication to excellence make them a trusted industry leader, continuously pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks for construction efficiency and quality.



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