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Cubicost 5D BIM - Revolutionising Takenaka Corporation Singapore's Construction Process

Takenaka Corporation's Singapore branch embarked on the monumental KTRD project, a 31-story construction endeavour spanning 59,180m². This ambitious undertaking was not without its unique set of enterprise-level challenges.


The first of these challenges was the complexity arising from the involvement of numerous stakeholders, leading to frequent miscommunication and errors in coordinating information and decisions. Additionally, the project faced delays in the adoption of digital tools due to traditional work schedules, resulting in time-consuming and repetitive manual processes. Furthermore, the limited availability of digital tools hindered efficient collaboration among the different parties involved.

These challenges necessitated a transformative solution to streamline operations and enhance productivity, ultimately leading to the adoption of Cubicost's TBQ software.


Key Feature Highlights

Takenaka Corporation found Cubicost's TBQ software to be the solution to their challenges. Notable features include:

TBQ Logo 2-1 Resource Library: Serving as a central database, it stored rates used in different projects, enabling data organization as per preferences.

TBQ Logo 2-1 Trade Code: Simplified rate and amount classification and analysis, facilitating comprehensive data tabulation.

TBQ Logo 2-1 Reference Record: Tracked historical data trends across all TBQ projects, aiding in informed decision-making.


Benefits Gained

Cubicost's solutions delivered substantial benefits:

  1. Reduction in Repetitive Manual Processes
    Cubicost eliminated time-consuming manual tasks, freeing up valuable time for critical project aspects.

  2. Efficient Cross-referencing
    The Trade Code features streamlined rate cross-referencing between projects, reducing miscommunication and error.
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Cubicost Implementation with Glodon’s Guidance

Takenaka Corporation expressed high satisfaction with Cubicost and plans to continue using it for future projects. They aim to develop an even more efficient database using TBQC for greater time savings.

  1. Easy-to-understand Training: Glodon provided easily graspable training, enabling users to quickly acquire software skills through real project scenarios.

  2. Project Guidance: Project-specific guidance assisted users in effective software navigation and applying knowledge in real-world contexts.

  3. Responsive Hotline Support: A responsive hotline addressed queries promptly, ensuring uninterrupted project progress.

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Customer Testimonial

Clare Voon, the assistant manager at Takenaka Corporation commended Cubicost's services, stating, "Glodon's customer success team responds promptly to our issues and has always been helpful in providing solutions."

In conclusion, Takenaka Corporation's experience with Cubicost's solutions has been transformative. The adoption of TBQ and its associated features streamlined project management, eliminated errors, and saved valuable time. With ongoing support and plans to enhance its database, Takenaka Corporation is poised to continue its successful partnership with Cubicost on future projects.


About Takenaka Corporation

takenaka logo Takenaka Corporation is a renowned global construction and architectural firm founded in Japan in 1899. The company upholds a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability in every project it undertakes. Today, it stands as a symbol of architectural ingenuity and construction expertise, boasting an impressive portfolio of iconic structures and a global presence.

The Singapore branch of Takenaka Corporation carries forward this legacy of excellence in the dynamic city-state of Singapore. With a strong focus on cutting-edge construction technology and sustainable building practices, Takenaka Corporation's Singapore branch has played a pivotal role in shaping the city's skyline and infrastructure. As a contractor, they have been involved in various prestigious projects, contributing to Singapore's reputation as a hub of architectural innovation and modern development.



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