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Efficiency Transformation: W'Ray Construction's Success with 5D BIM

In the dynamic realm of construction, each project presents a unique set of challenges, demanding innovative solutions. The project 'Proposed Erection of a 7-Storey Commercial/Institution Development' by W'Ray Construction stands as a testament to this reality. This journey, encompassing eight floors and sprawling across 4,749.08 square meters, unfolded with both triumphs and hurdles. Let's delve into how the utilisation of the Glodon Cubicost TBQ (Cost Estimation and Management) solution ignited greater success.

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Navigating Challenges with Precision

W'Ray Construction's ambitious venture encountered challenges both specific to the project and inherent within the company. The irregular format of the Bill of Quantities (BQ) proved a significant hurdle, while the tight timeframe demanded swift action. Additionally, the incorporation of new software posed difficulties in adaptation.

A Solution That Transformed

Amidst these challenges, Cubicost TBQ emerged as the catalyst for transformation. Its feature highlights perfectly aligned with W'Ray Construction's needs, leading to substantial benefits:

TBQ Logo 2-1 The auto-identify feature recognises headings, bill items, page numbers, and amounts, resulting in significant time-saving.

TBQ Logo 2-1 The print function automatically populated final prices, enhancing accuracy.

TBQ Logo 2-1 The batch Import feature copy rates from 'Resource Library' and from 'Other Projects' streamlined operations.

TBQ Logo 2-1 Copying rates for similar items from other projects improved efficiency.


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Benefits Gained

Cubicost TBQ delivered numerous benefits:

  • Reduced Administrative Work: Cubicost TBQ significantly reduced administrative work by eliminating the need to convert PDF to Excel and re-type information.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: The software achieved high accuracy by minimising arithmetic errors during PDF editing for tender submissions.

  • Efficient Library Maintenance: It facilitated the maintenance of the "Build-up Unit Rate" library for consistent and efficient project estimation.


Guided Implementation for Success

W'Ray Construction's journey towards efficiency was guided by the dedicated Glodon Customer Success Team. Online training sessions and project-specific guidance set a strong foundation. The team's timely support during technical challenges ensured a smooth transition to Cubicost TBQ. Their responsive approach and step-by-step guidance were instrumental in helping the company understand and master the software's usage.

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In conclusion, W'Ray Construction's journey showcases the transformative power of 5D BIM Cubicost TBQ. The utilisation of this 5D BIM solution not only streamlined processes but also highlights how innovation and efficiency can reshape the construction landscape, paving the way for greater success. This remarkable journey demonstrates that with the right tools and support, construction companies can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results in an ever-evolving industry.


About W'Ray Construction

wray-construction-logoW'Ray Construction is a distinguished Singapore-based construction company, acknowledged for its exceptional track record in delivering innovative and high-quality projects across diverse sectors. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to professionalism, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction, W'Ray Construction proudly holds the BCA Grade A2 contractor status for General Building. Specialising predominantly in A&A projects, renovation, and interior fit-out work, the company stands as a trusted industry leader, continuously surpassing boundaries and establishing fresh benchmarks for construction excellence.



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