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K.B.C. Engineering: Cubicost 5D BIM on Fire Protection Projects

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction and engineering, digital transformation is not an option but a necessity. K.B.C. Engineering Pte Ltd, a specialised sub-contractor renowned for its expertise in designing, supplying, and installing fire protection systems, embarked on an extraordinary journey with Cubicost Solutions. This endeavour aimed to revolutionise their project efficiency and streamline the often intricate process of quantity take-off.

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Challenges Faced

The project presented several challenges that demanded swift and accurate responses. Tight timelines added pressure, requiring rapid quantification to be completed within a narrow window of 1-2 days. Additionally, the project underwent multiple amendments, introducing complexities that necessitated recalculations with each change.

Within the organisation, several challenges were identified, primarily associated with traditional methods and a lack of digital solutions. The reliance on traditional approaches, such as using handheld counters for quantity take-off, posed limitations. Furthermore, the use of 2D software for assistance with quantity take-off highlighted a need for more advanced and efficient digital solutions within the company. The absence of adequate digital solution support underscored the necessity for a more streamlined and modernised approach to quantity surveying processes.


Favourite Cubicost Features

K.B.C. Engineering discovered immense value in Cubicost Solutions' features, including:

TME LOGO Device Auto-Identify
A frequently used command that expedited the legend identification process.

TME LOGO Line Draw
A vital tool for quantifying pipe lengths, frequently used in their projects.

TME LOGO Copy Entity to Other Floor
An invaluable feature for typical floors, eliminating redundant work.


Benefits Gained

The adoption of Cubicost Solutions brought significant benefits to K.B.C. Engineering:

Customer Success Story-benefits gained from 5d bim

1. Speeding Up Quantification
The software accelerated the legend identification process, resulting in quicker project turnarounds.
2. Enhanced Accuracy
The ability to trace missing quantities minimised errors, ensuring precision in their work.
3. Efficiency for Typical Floors
The feature allowing entities to be copied to other floors eliminated the need to repeat work, saving valuable time.


An Effortless Implementation Journey

K.B.C. Engineering integrated TME into their tender processes, making it their comprehensive digital solution. The Glodon team played a pivotal role in providing support and resolving any technical challenges they faced.

The transition to digital solutions was made seamless with comprehensive basic training. A single day of training was sufficient for complete integration into the TME software.


Customer Testimony

Glodon team provides responsive support. Adopting this digital solution 2 years ago significantly contributed to project success.

K.B.C. Engineering commended the Glodon team for their responsiveness and support. They shared that the software had been a tremendous help over the past two years, enabling them to complete numerous successful projects.

K.B.C. Engineering's journey with Cubicost Solutions is a testament to the transformative power of embracing digital solutions. Their success story illustrates how innovative technology can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and project timelines, ultimately leading to successful ventures. The Glodon team's support played a pivotal role in this remarkable transformation, making digital adoption a seamless and rewarding experience. K.B.C. Engineering continues to excel in the dynamic construction and engineering landscape, setting new standards for the industry.

About K.B.C. Engineering Pte Ltd

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K.B.C. Engineering is a specialised sub-contractor company dedicated to the design, supply, and installation of fire protection systems within building services. With a proven track record as a trusted partner, they offer extensive expertise and a wealth of experience to every project. Their commitment is to deliver reliable fire protection solutions that not only adhere to industry standards but also ensure client satisfaction. At K.B.C. Engineering, they are your partner in safeguarding what matters most.



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