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Northcroft's Journey with Glodon Cubicost 5D BIM: Pioneering Digital Construction

In the bustling city of Singapore, Northcroft Lim Consultants Pte Ltd embarked on a remarkable project - Alexandra Hospital at Alexandra Road. This endeavour brought forth significant challenges, including intricate logistics, stringent safety requirements, and the demand for precise data management.


Challenges Faced 

In this venture, Northcroft encountered multifaceted challenges, both in the project and their own processes. The project demanded meticulous logistics management, involving potential road closures and altered access routes. Moreover, ensuring the safety of all stakeholders amid demolitions and improvements was paramount. On the company front, traditional methods for quantity take-off consumed excessive time, and data management practices required enhancement, along with various other challenges. 

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Northcroft's Favourite Cubicost Features 

The adoption of Glodon's Cubicost Solutions ushered in transformative efficiency. Northcroft found value in the following features:

TMEC logo Auto Identification: An efficient tool that saved time, ensured accuracy in quantity calculations, and streamlined the process. 

TMEC logo Export Quantity to Excel: This feature minimised the chances of errors and discrepancies caused by manual data transfer.

Benefits Gained
Northcroft harnessed several benefits by embracing Cubicost Solutions:

1. Comprehensive Data Analysis
The software enabled insightful data analysis, empowering users to identify trends and make data-driven decisions to optimise project performance and cost management. 

2. Improved Collaboration
Real-time access and simultaneous project work facilitated efficient teamwork, promoting better collaboration and knowledge sharing.
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A Smooth Implementation Journey; Efficient Services by Glodon

Northcroft's experienced Quantity Surveyor shared her journey, having implemented the software for nearly four years. Glodon's Customer Success team played a vital role by providing valuable training with functional demonstrations, preparing users for a seamless experience.  

Glodon eased the adoption of Cubicost Solutions with comprehensive services, offering training programs, user guides, documentation, and responsive customer support. 

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Customer Testimony

"The Glodon Customer Success team has been highly responsive and accommodating, offering step-by-step guidance that has greatly helped us understand and master the usage of the software. If necessary, they also offer assistance by accessing the errors we face through AnyDesk during software implementation."

Northcroft's journey with Cubicost Solutions exemplifies how innovative technology can streamline complex projects and enhance productivity in the construction industry. It is a testament to how challenges can transform into opportunities with the right digital tools.


About Northcroft Lim Consultants Pte Ltd

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Northcroft Lim Consultants Pte Ltd is one of Singapore's leading quantity surveyors, providing independent and expert advice throughout the construction process. Established in 1990 in association with Northcroft, a renowned construction consultancy in England dating back to 1840, Northcroft (Singapore) boasts a team of specialist-trained consultants experienced in risk and value management techniques. They offer project support services and cost management teams to provide strategic consultancy advice, ensuring the optimal balance between cost and quality.



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