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Navigating Complexity with Cubicost: Naim Human Capital's Success with Cubicost 5D BIM

In the construction industry, precision and efficiency are the bedrock of success. Naim Human Capital Sdn Bhd, a prominent player in Malaysia's property and construction sector, embarked on a journey to revolutionise its operations and surmount the challenges of an ever-evolving construction landscape. Their pursuit of excellence led them to embrace Cubicost Solutions, marking a transformative expedition that streamlined their processes and elevated their project outcomes.

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Challenges Amid Complexity

Amid the complexities of their 'Single Storey Building in Kuching' project, Naim Human Capital encountered the challenge of irregular building shapes. This required innovative solutions to ensure project success within tight timelines. Additionally, the company had to break free from traditional methods and adapt to new technological advancements, setting the stage for a remarkable transformation.

Empowered by Cubicost Solutions

Naim Human Capital's journey towards operational efficiency found a powerful ally in Cubicost Solutions. Through the strategic utilisation of TAS (Take-off for Architectural and Structural) and TRB (Take-off for Rebar), their approach to project workflow underwent a transformative shift. These tools allowed them to effectively address the unique challenges posed by their projects.


Key Feature Highlights

Among the standout features that became their guiding light were:

TAS Logo 2-1 View Quantity: This game-changing feature empowered the team to swiftly assess quantities, streamlining estimation processes and facilitating effective decision-making.

TAS Logo 2-1 Measurement Rules: Providing a structured framework, this feature ensured consistency and accuracy in measurement methodologies, leading to precise outcomes.

TAS Logo 2-1 3D Measurement: With the aid of three-dimensional technology, we are able to visualise and measure quantities within a spatial context. This fostered better project understanding and planning, amplifying efficiency and minimising errors.

Collectively, these features propelled Naim Human Capital towards the forefront of construction innovation, as they amplified efficiency, minimised errors, and embraced a new era of precision and excellence.

Benefits Gained

1. Reduced On-site Discrepancies
Cubicost Solutions minimised on-site discrepancies, resulting in fewer construction errors and costly fixes. This streamlined the construction process, saving time and reducing unexpected problems.

2. Enhanced Quality of Understanding
The precise data generated by Cubicost Solutions reduced the need for post-construction revisions. This not only accelerated project delivery but also shortened timelines, enabling Naim Holding to undertake new projects more efficiently.
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Bridging Implementation Gaps

The implementation journey, while transformative, did present its learning curve. Naim Human Capital's engagement with TAS and TRB at basic and intermediate levels was complemented by the dedicated Customer Success (CS) Team. The CS Team's responsive support became evident when the company faced drawing challenges due to design intricacies. This guidance proved invaluable in ensuring a smooth transition and mastery of the software.

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Customer Testimonial: Guided Success

Naim Human Capital's experience is a testament to the dedication of Glodon's Customer Success Team. Their step-by-step guidance, responsiveness, and accommodation of unique requests empowered the company to understand and master the software. This partnership between Naim Human Capital and Glodon's CS Team exemplifies the commitment to excellence and innovation.


About Naim Human Capital Sdn Bhd

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Naim Human Capital Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Naim Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (NESB), stands as a fully integrated property and construction powerhouse. With a focus on integrated property development, construction, civil engineering, oil and gas, and infrastructure projects, Naim Human Capital is a driving force in Malaysia's construction landscape. With Cubicost Solutions as their technological catalyst, the company is poised to reshape the future of construction efficiency. Located in [Include Location], Naim Human Capital is committed to delivering excellence and remains at the forefront of construction innovation, ready to embrace new horizons.

Through the integration of Cubicost Solutions, Naim Human Capital's journey underscores the transformational potential of technology in construction. Challenges became stepping stones to innovation, and precision emerged as their hallmark. Committed to delivering excellence, Naim Human Capital remains at the forefront of construction innovation, ready to embrace new horizons.



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